What are Digital Door Lock in Singapore and when should you use them?

A digital lock is a device that enables access to a location without the use of physical keys. There are numerous advantages to using locks, such as ease of installation, ease of use and being highly secure. Digital locks are an excellent way to protect your home when you are away. It is better to first consider which aspect of theĀ digital door lock singapore perfectly suits the needs of your family.


There is no longer a need to have spare keys cut. Keyless entry eliminates the need to deal with misplaced keys. Suitable for homes because nurses/caregivers could access the estate by entering the code as usual. Additionally, family members could use their keys without worrying about changeable codes. It is compatible with the existing door lock fittings. Use both internally and externally.

Where are digital locks most commonly used?

They are commonly used in public buildings like hospitals, workplaces, and schools, which may have a variety of digital locks strategically placed throughout the buildings to protect various locations, or in residential properties where multiple caregivers or nurses require independent access.

Is it worthwhile to invest in a digital door lock?

Yes, locks are network-connected, and anyone who owns one must keep their apps up to date, passwords protected, and a PIN for unlocking such as through voice assistants. Smart locks, on the other hand, remove the possibility of anyone stealing the key from beneath your doormat.


The digital door lock is one household item that can significantly enhance your daily life. Aside from safety and reliability, digital door locks are a fashionable addition to any home.