How to Find the Best iPad DJ Controller?

With the high number of DJ apps & compatible audio device coming on internet, iOS has actually become one serious option for the DJs. With an addition of some important component, iPod touch, iPad or iPhone will get transformed in heart of the super-flexible & affordable DJ rig. If you are looking for the best iPad DJ controller, you must visit for the device.

Even in the professional DJ booths, the iPads have actually become one common sight. With the audio apps providing studio-quality sound & touch controls delivering best performances, even big-names have started including iOS devices in the rigs. Obviously, if you are planning to use iOS device in the mobile DJ setup and DJ booth, you have to ensure that you have got the best audio equipment that can work well. In today’s guide, we are going to take a close look at some best DJ device designed to work nicely with Apple’s mobile OS.

iPad DJ Controller

iOS Gear for DJs

With every new version, iOS operating system will get more powerful all along with apps that make this DJ-friendly. In the same way, audio gear & mobile devices using this get highly sophisticated, providing some latest features, and higher-resolution displays. So, which device you select as the component of setup depends over your needs, budget, and style. People who already use the iPhone have got pocket-sized powerhouse, which will connect to the wide variety of the portable gear. With the iPad and generous screen estate, you can trade off portability for the improved ergonomics & functions. Some might find what they want in iPod touch that is both the portable & affordable option among the Apple’s devices.

iOS app mixers

Just like touchscreens have got their own benefits, even iOS-specific controller having improved functions & hands-on control will be one big help to run your show. Instead of using the virtual interface that is limited to size of the screen, controller offers you the ergonomic control over the mix with same types of controls that you will find on the traditional rig: knobs, faders, scratch pads, trigger pads, and much more. Built particularly for the use with the DJ apps, lots of controllers can allow you plug in & start mixing without any special mapping and setup needed. For a few iOS DJ applications, manufacturers have developed fully integrated controllers that provide all functionality of the standard rig in ultra-portable package.