Innovative Swap Signature Watch Phone Offers Advanced Technology on the Wrist

The Swap signature watch phone is an impressive watch that incorporates a mobile phone inside it. The phone comes with a multitude of advanced technology which has enabled a comprehensively useful mobile phone to be incorporated into a unit that is no bigger than a watch. The watch offers superb styling and elegance, while being an eminently usable unit.

The watch phone comes with a 1.5 inch TFT contact screen that operates at a pixel screen size of 176 x 132 pixels and doubles up as the watch face itself. Just as showing time data in digital configuration it additionally provides an impressively responsive touch screen which provides access to numerous usefulness incorporated inside. The screen offers excellent shading reproduction with a dynamic quality and clearness which is unexpected.

The watch additionally incorporates an inbuilt camera, which takes effective previews images and furthermore provides the means to take video, as alternative to in any case imagery. The unit comes with 128 MB of implicit memory just as the capacity to utilize SD cards whenever desired, to increase the memory up to 8 GB. A 2 GB microSD card is generally included as standard in many packages.

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The unit comes with a music and video media player that bolsters all significant file positions, including MIDI, WAV, AAC and MP3 just as 3GP and MPEG 4 video groups. Information transfer capabilities are provided by USB and Bluetooth connections, which enable information and file transfer seamlessly between appropriately attired devices. The handset likewise comes with hands-free operation and a stylus, as an essential means of accessing usefulness through the touch screen.

The unit weighs 24 g altogether, which is the thing that you would expect for a watch, and comes with a discussion time of 150 to 180 minutes, while it makes some backup memories of as long as 100 hours. One of the features of the watch phone is a morning timer, which comes with five discretionary ringtones, which can be utilized. The standard harvest of features, for example, SMS, MMS, phone book and recent and missed call data is available just as a variety of language alternatives.

The Swap fpt ca signature watch phone encompasses the future of technology. By consolidating advanced technology, which for the most part involves scaling down of components, this jazzy and affable watch phone, offers a great deal. There is no uncertainty, that this elegant and trendy watch phone will become a mainstream mobile phone.