Jallikattu Is India’s Entry For The Foreign Language Film Oscar Category

Jallikattu is the most prestigious among all the films in indian as it got nominated for oscar. This movie has all the beauty in technicalities that one can not miss watching. Jallikattu was once made in Malayal after it got nominated for oscar, Aha decides to make it into telugu for all audiences to watch without language barriers. This movie is a wonder of how it was made with a very small budget but attracted millions of viewers. Jallikattu movie online is a lesson to know the culture, reality and wonder the difference of humanity. Watch online movies and beautiful shows on Aha.jallikattu movie


Jallikattu is a story of a bull that terrorizes all humans in a village. It sounds simple but definitely n while watching as it gives you goosebumps in every scene. This movie starts with a very weird sound making by humans that kick off all the cruelty. But the plot is simple such as a man in village KaalanVarkey has a meat shop, he is the only who sells good and fresh meat in the whole village. One day a bull breaks all the chains and escapes from the cage. The poor meat seller doesn’t know anything but gets blamed for it. Everyone is clueless of how to catch the bull even the police system. Then take help of Kuttachan who is courageous enough to plan and make it work. And on the same night there is a wedding going on at Kuriachan places. He plans almost all the dishes with beef. He will be planless and don’t know how to manage the dinner, finally he goes to chicken but a shock happens to him with his daughter. All the villagers are set as a group and ready to get the bull this night. Watch the movie What were the differences and how are they managing to get the get bull.

Technical Assets:

  • This movie has really got a strong point to deal with such as are animals hunting the humans or humans are hunted by animals.
  • All the technicians who have worked for the movie from the director to light man have proved that it’s not easy and a small movie also has the power to prove big.
  • Music and background music is excellent, how much ever we talk about it and listen to it, it’s new and interesting all the time.
  • Cinematography, hats off. A crazy idea and creativity put on the screen.

Cast & Crew:

Actor: Antony Varghese

Other actors: Chemban Vinod Jose, SabumonAbdusamad

Director: LijoJose Pellissery

Producer: O. Thomas Panicker

Writer: S. Hareesh, R. Jayakumar

Based On: Maoist by S. Hareesh

Cinematography: Girish Gangadharan

Editing: Deepu Joseph

Music Director: Prashant Pillai

Production company: Opus Penta

Distributed by: Friday Film House

More Information:

Runtime: 1 hour 31 minutes

Released: 04 October 2019

Genre: Drama, Thriller, Suspense.

Budget: 3CR

Box Office Collection: 20CR

Jallikattu movie online are very interesting while watching. Watch online movies and get entertained endlessly.