A procedural fairness letter while immigrating in Canada

The immigration process for Canada is complicated, lengthy and involves extensive paperwork. Navigating through the process alone might be toilsome work that you would want to go alone. Taking the help of immigration services in Winnipeg, MB is always a wise step to take on.

There are several twists and turns of regulations in the immigration laws of Canada. The immigration services in Canada are there to aid the legal immigration procedures and ensure that legally correct steps are taken for each case of immigration. Let us know about one such ‘fair ‘step.

When a procedure fairness letter is received

When an applicant is accessed with medical inadmissibility, a letter is sent to the applicant from the government officials explaining the reasons behind it. This letter is known as the procedural fairness letter. It is sent before a final decision is made on the application. There is an opportunity for the applicants to the letter.

You can consult or hire immigration services to respond to the letter but then, it is not a compulsion. The response may provide some information and evidence regarding your health condition. For example,

  • You may provide your present health status or the medical diagnosis on receiving treatment to cure the disease and improve your health condition.
  • You can state the kind of medical assistance and medication you require on a change of medication that you have received from your doctor.
  • If your doctor has changed your medication and opted for lower cost brackets, then you may state the medication expense or the services that you need in such a situation.

The additional information must be sent to the authorities within 90 days of time span, from the date of the response letter. If there is a delay, then the applicant may request an extension. The contact information may be found on the received procedure fairness letter.

Sending a mitigation plan

The authorities may invite the applicant for a mitigation plan, when found with the health condition falling under the clause of excessive demand on Canadian health and social services. The invitation will be forwarded to only those applicants who are in such a situation.