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Gabala has a lot of fascinating locations to see because of its lovely natural surroundings and history as one of Azerbaijan’s oldest towns. The little city of Gabala is situated 220 kilometers from Baku in the Shaki-Zagatala administrative district zone, in the northwest of Azerbaijan, close to the Georgian and Dagestani borders. The district’s administrative hub is Gabala Town.

There are fewer than 13,000 people living there. Azerbaijanis, Lezgins, Udis, and people of other ethnicities make up the city’s very diversified and cosmopolitan ethnic population. The major attractions in Gabala are listed below:

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Resort on Tufandag Mountain:

Azerbaijan’s two ski resorts in the Caucasus Mountains provide a breathtaking change of scenery for skiers who are sick of the usual slopes. The one in qebele kiraye evler provides 12 kilometers of slopes, with a combination of difficult reds and blacks for professionals and simple alternatives for novices, and is just 4 kilometers from the town of Gabala. Modern snow guns are installed on the slopes, and a network of cable cars that provide breathtaking views of the Caucasus Mountains provide access to them.

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A ski school and a variety of lodging alternatives, including numerous luxury and upper-mid range hotels, are also available. Visitors may engage in a variety of outdoor activities throughout the summer, including hiking, biking, paragliding, and jeep trips. Additionally, a cable car is available at qebelede gunluk kiraye evler, allowing you to go to higher points and see the grandeur of the mountains and surrounding area.

Gabala Shooting Club:

The Gabala Sports Club, a top-notch institution that trains athletes for the national teams of Azerbaijan in judo, boxing, karate, shooting, and other sports, includes the Gabala Shooting Club. Apartment rental agency was established with the intention of creating a multifunctional, top-notch shooting facility in Azerbaijan that could serve as a center for entertainment and recreation, a training ground for the national shooting team and other professionals, and a platform for the development of shooting as a national sport for qebele kotecler.

Gabala Shooting Club has eight sports ranges, five combined ranges for stand shooting, three rifle halls, and an archery shooting field where visitors and professional athletes may relax and practice their shooting skills. Qəbələdə ucuz kirayə evlər – vacation home rental agency has ranges for paintball, strike ball, and night shooting.

Waterfall at Gabala’s “Seven Beauty” (“Yeddi Gozel”):

The Vandam town of Gabala is home to this steep waterfall, which originates from one of the Caucasus Mountains’ highest peaks. The Seven Beauties (Yeddi Gozal) Waterfall takes its name from the seven mountain paths that must be traveled in order to get there. It becomes more difficult to get here in the winter when the waterfall is totally frozen.

On every mountain route, however, there are tea businesses open in the spring and summer that provide tourists a tea set with authentic varieties of Gabala jam. There is a tea house with a unique wooden mattress at the top of the waterfall where you may sip tea while enjoying the soothing sound and view of the waterfall. The tea has a distinctive flavor since it is made using waterfall water.

Amusement park in Gabala:

The biggest outdoor theme park in Azerbaijan and the surrounding area, Gabaland is a popular spot for both locals and tourists visiting Gabala. Both adults and children are welcome in the entertainment and leisure park.

The park is open all year long and is situated in one of Gabala’s most picturesque districts. From young children (4 years old) to adults, there are exciting attractions in the entertainment complex Gabaland. The amusement complex has around 50 operating attractions.


One of the most scenic locations in Gabala is Lake Nohur, which offers a spectacular view of the Caucasus Mountains as well as pure air and water. The splendor of Lake Nohur astounds the tourists. An perfect setting for relaxation away from city bustle is created by the stillness and bird noises.

The lake, which serves as a reservoir and a source of drinking water for Gabala and the neighboring areas, forbids swimming, but it is a great location for fishing. Additionally, you may take a boat or catamaran excursion and take in the scenery. On the lake’s northern shore is where you’ll find the Gabala Chenot Hotel.