What Is Professional Hard Floor Cleaning Services In Long Island, NY

Stratus Building Solutions is dedicated to providing cutting-edge cleaning materials for every square foot of our clients’ commercial premises. To preserve their showroom-ready appearance, beautiful hard surface floors need a lot of frequent cleaning and care. You can rely on our crew for skilled hard floor cleaning companies on Long Island, NY, whether you have solid hardwood, tile flooring surfaces, or vinyl flooring. Put our business floor cleaning crew to work with you and experience for yourself how we can improve the appearance, texture, and function of professional hard floor cleaning services in Long Island, NY of existing firm surface floors. Dirt, foot traffic, dampness, and other variables influence the carpeting in their workstation regularly as part of normal wear and tear. Several thin layers of polymers or a wax finish provide a glossy, reflecting sheen on many contemporary flooring. With adequate polishing, this covering can be strengthened or improved. By developing a cleaning program that matches particular scheduling demands, we can maintain that covering looking and operating just as you would like.

Hardwood Floor Refinishing Experts

If you ever need their finish retouched, we’ve got you covered. To completely remove their old floor covering, our experts employ fast-acting chemicals formulated for excellent hardwood floor stripping. Following that, we apply a professional-grade polyurethane finish to your floors to protect them from the impacts of foot traffic, moisture, as well as other environmental factors. With our wooden floors restoration services, you’ll get more than just a protected surface. Our new coatings will make existing floors sparkle and contribute to the aesthetic of any place in your business, in addition to protecting what’s beneath the protective coating. Our experts realize that the most important thing is to give every inch of their area the attention and respect it deserves. You will guarantee that your facilities always look their best by using our hard surface cleaning services for their daily cleaning needs, professional hard floor cleaning services in Long Island, NY resulting in easier company’s business.